Thursday, July 15, 2010

MLB All Star Game Live Thoughts

Here are my thoughts from the MLB All Star Game. I took some notes during the pre game and the game. I had to copy Bill Simmons a little by using what time each blog was written to add to the effect. The reason I didn’t post it live is because not everything I write is funny, interesting, or worth reading. So this way my thoughts have been edited.

Pregame Notes:

There are a lot of players being introduced. With all the injured players and replacements almost half the league is on the all star team.

I understand MLB and Fox’s social responsibility and wanting to be a part of the community but can we get rid of these community All Stars specials? These are awful. Maybe this is why ratings are so low. I think people just switched over to Losing It with Jillian.

(It turned out that this was the least watched MLB All Star Game ever).

Celebrity Part:

Remember when Julia Roberts was hot.

Remember when Han Solo didn’t have a mullet.

Selma Hayek = added bonus = ratings increase.

Charlize Theron was probably told this was a cricket all star game.

Matthew McConoughy has the best damn life ever. He’s just so happy all the time and he can have whatever woman he wants. I guess I would be too if I had his life. He’s so enthused about everything. He should give people eulogies for hire.

This is taking too long. Its 8:28 already. Let’s play some baseball.

They are still on this community thing. I don’t care about these people. I’m switching to The Office reruns.

Hold on there showing Selma again. She’s saying thank you. De Nada Selma. De effin nada. PS: I Love Her.

I paused it earlier so thank god I get to fast forward the DVR through the Glee song.

Finally let’s play some ball.

8:34 RIP George Steinbrenner. Maybe not the most loved man in Red Sox Country but $10 mil in 1973 for the Yankees, good buy.

8:35 Why didn’t Fox have a hot girl from Glee sing the national anthem?

8:36 Honestly I can’t stand military plane flyovers. Where is Bin Laden? Those 4 guys could have caught him right? The more the merrier. That’s one more bunker we could have looked in before they escaped. Plus who pays the pilot’s salary to fly over a stadium like that. I bet they get time and half for that too. The other thing is when your at the stadium it’s not even that cool. It’s over and then you realize you came here for a ball game and not an air show. I just don’t see what value it adds to anything.

8:37 Scotts commercial for great MLB parks. My favorite is Pac Bell or whatever it is called in SF.

8:38 Promo for new Fox show called Lone Star that looks like crap. How many times are we going to have to see that tonight?

8:42 How big is Joe Buck’s head? I’m not saying he’s cocky I just never noticed after all these years how gigantic his noggin is.

8:43 Enter Tim McCarver, here we go one liners.

Okay so I know I predicted AL 12-2 in my previous post but I’m changing my mind. I’m going NL because they have a better bench. They have McCann, Votto, Gonzalez, Phillips, Rolen, and Holliday. AL only has Arod and Hunter.

(I really did write that I didn’t just add it after the game)

8:45 I thought firestone tires killed people or something. Wasn’t that a story like 5 years ago? I still wouldn’t buy them, you just can’t recover from that, ever.

Lowell from wings on Direct TV commercials called it a t VEE! Emphasis on V.

8:46 Anyone else sick of Gordon Ramsey other than me? Do people really watch that show? Its people cooking! I’m an excellent griller but I don’t have a fan club.

8:47 Lineup again? Didn’t they already announce it? Look out for that NL third inning with Hart and Molina. If I’m an AL pitcher I’m begging to throw then.

The AL starting lineup is stacked.

8:50 Hanley Ramirez up.
Tim McC: “If NL wins this game Hanley will be a star.” Um Tim Hanley already is a star. He’s an All Star. It’s the name of the game you are watching right now. He’s batting leadoff and playing shortstop, and he was the runner up last night in the HR derby last night.

Martin Prado on deck, get remote ready.

8:59 A Colorado Rockie is starting the All Star game, man is the steroids era over or what?

9:00 Josh Hamilton should get introduced to Cocaine by Eric Clapton.

9:04 A lot of sharp commercials with Captain Sulu (George Takei from Star Trek)

9:05 Why do pitchers pitch 2 innings? Managers always talk about wanting to get all the players in the game. And teams are so concerned that pitchers will get injured at the All Star game. So why do they throw 2 innings? I never got that.

9:09 Boring so far. This game could use some steroids.

9:13 Vlad is a definite HOFer. No doubt.

9:15 Scott Boras is right behind home plate in a box under the stands. He’s not sitting down but he’s standing and leaning sideways. He probably charges people for seats in his box so he volunteers to stand so he can make more money.

9:20 Of course Girardi has Pettite pitch to the NL in the third inning against Hart and Molina. Would be nice if Hart went deep here. (He struck out)

9:23 Figures that Yadier gets the NL’s first hit with a .230 average.

9:24 Wow this is boring. I’m gonna see what Jim and Pam are up to.

9:34 Top of the 4th. Why isn’t this in 3D like HR derby? Ichiro taken out, there go Japanese ratings

9:37 Wow Cliff Lee pitched quick, told you he should have pitch a CG.

9:41 Hong Shoo Quo is warming up. Look out AL.

9:46 When did Verlander make the team? And who did he replace? These are the things we need to hear Joe Buck.

9:51 Andre Ethier at the plate. I picked him in like the 11th round in my fantasy league…just saying.

9:57 Tim McC: “Keep in mind the NL has 14 pitchers and the AL has 13, so that could come into play.” Really that is what he just said. God he’s terrible. Thank you Tim. Apparently the NL has one more pitcher than the AL. And that’s going to matter. One of those pitchers is going to pinch hit and win the game. No Tim, that’s not going to matter, you know what will matter, that the NL has only used 2 pitchers so far and the AL has used 4. Say something like that. Someone should write what he says for him. Like a ghost analyzer. I should do it.

9:58 George Takei and Lowell from wings again.

10:00 Takei twice in one break, and now he’s in the stands!!!

10:02 Hong Chu Quo probably wont keep the Asian audience watching.

10:06 ish I paused it to make a sandwich as my wife went to bed so the times my be off a little for a bit

10:08 ish Error on Kuo. That’s why he’s not an All Star. He’s not ready. AL just won. NL can’t score 2 runs no way.

10:09 ish Imagine if Ichiro wasn’t an all star and then cliff lee got traded as the only Seattle rep. What would MLB do?

10:16 John Buck is in the game. Must be brother of Joe, only explanation.

I wonder if these starting pitchers like Jon Lester enjoy coming in in the 6th inning and pitching 1 inning. I bet they don’t. I think it different after the 6th inning. It should just be relievers from now on. This is why starters should only go one inning and why I should be in charge of this event.

10:25 Cannot effen wait to see Inception. That movie looks awesome.

10:36 I wonder how ratings are? My guess is not good.

10:37 Why is NL bringing in Matt Capps a righty to face Big Papi. What use are Arthur Rhodes and Even Meek who are both lefties? This is why they made the team isn’t it? Possible HR here by Papi.

10:47 Ty Wiggington is in Ty Wiggington is in! Most viewers think this is the guy from Extreme Makeover Home Edition. AL stopper Matt Thornton to pitch. And the NL solution is Chris Young? Definite K here.

10:56 Brian McCann!!!!! Game over. AL has no bench.

11:01 Joe Buck just announced that the AL has Wiggington and Buck coming up next inning. See my other blog. I predicted this. AL is in serious trouble.

11:10 This game is interesting now with the NL having the lead. Ty Wig didn’t get to bat. Swisher pinch hit and K’ed.

11:12 Matt Holliday just made another bad play in a big game and a St. Louis pitcher is pitching. AL still has a shot with him in LF.

11:17 Look at who NL has coming up: Gonzo, Votto, Rolen.

11:24 Bottom of 8th, AL has Andrus and Bautista coming up this inning, look out.

11:41 Arod pinch hit? Can he hit for Buck and then a catcher re-enter or does there have to an injury?

11:49 NL wins on Big Papi’s slow legs and no Arod. Would have been good drama if he came up. AL and Fox should have agreed that ARod was coming up in bottom 9 no matter what. Joe and Tim McC would have announced it all night long. People would have stayed and watched. Plus why wasn’t Kate Hudson in the stands. That would increase ratings. I think she’s ugly but people would watch the game just to see the camera shots of her.

Good ending to game. But pretty boring overall.

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